Our new project – Swordbreaker in Action!

Hi, everybody!
Demonstration mini-display of the game Swordbreaker in Action. A game in a genre an action platformer with the RPG elements in Swordbreaker Universe. It is the alternative version of an original game based on base of a plot about Swordbreaker adventures in the mysterious castle.
On video are shown:
– stock
– two spells
– small fight with opponents
– effects of blood and dust
– change of armor and weapon
– opening of a chest and selection of objects
– dynamic change of music depending on a karma (in this case the karma was replaced with neutral with the Murderer – the karma point was added to a branch there).
Demonstration very short so far. Still a lot of all works not absolutely correctly, but it will recover in the future)))

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Swordbreaker The Game in Apple AppStore

Pleasant news, friends!
Swordbreaker The Game came out on an apple platform and is available in AppStore to iPhone and iPad.
Play, derive pleasure and write responses)



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Art DLC for Swordbreaker The Game

This DLC conteins 324 in-game scenes in full HD, so you can set any of them as wallpapper for your Desktop!

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Happy New Year 2016!

Hi, everybody!
Dear players, the DuCats Games team heartily congratulates you on New 2016! To in total you the best and excellent new games!

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Swordbreaker release!

6.11.2015 the game Swordbreaker release on Steam’s open spaces will take place!
At first the version for the personal computer, all other platforms (including mobile) will be later.
The page of game in Steam: http://store .steampowered.com/app/411760
In game achievements, and also cards will be available!
We wish you pleasant game)

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