Our new project – Swordbreaker in Action!

Hi, everybody!
Demonstration mini-display of the game Swordbreaker in Action. A game in a genre an action platformer with the RPG elements in Swordbreaker Universe. It is the alternative version of an original game based on base of a plot about Swordbreaker adventures in the mysterious castle.
On video are shown:
– stock
– two spells
– small fight with opponents
– effects of blood and dust
– change of armor and weapon
– opening of a chest and selection of objects
– dynamic change of music depending on a karma (in this case the karma was replaced with neutral with the Murderer – the karma point was added to a branch there).
Demonstration very short so far. Still a lot of all works not absolutely correctly, but it will recover in the future)))

Posted September 2, 2017 at 16:49 in category Новости

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