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Through the dense fog our hero noticed a dark silhouette of a dark castle. Eventually his old rain-soaked map brought him to his target. He didn’t have anything with him except for his favorite sword and remainings of an old armor with an unusual device – a sword-breaker. The hero looked around and stepped on the castle bridge…

Swordbreaker The Game

The plot of this game is a story of a hero with an unusual and complicated life, who looks for treasures in an abandoned castle. On his way he is going to overcome lots of obstacles, fight the most unusual enemies, and solve the mysteries that are happening in the castle. In the end of it all he will get the treasures he deserves!

This game is a representative of quite a rare genre – interactive comic strips with exceedingly beautiful illustrations by a professional artist, and interesting nonlinear storyline. All actions and decisions in the game will change a storyline and the ending of the game. Every player’s action will change the main hero’s karma, so everyone can finish the game their own way. The achievement system will reward curious players with a big reward. Sometimes, you will have to make the most unusual decisions to survive… Every decision can be your last!

In Swordbreaker The Game you’ll get:

  • Interesting, nonlinear storyline.
  • Variety of the game endings.
  • The huge and mysterious castle.
  • Variety of interesting locations and situations.
  • Interesting enemies and castle inhabitants.
  • Unbelievably beautiful illustrations.

This is the demo version of the game, full version will include more than 300 scenes, and it’s currenty in development, if you were any ideas for gameplay – please, write to us, we are always happy to discuss interesting decisions and make the game even better!