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Teaser trailer of the first Swordbreaker in action location

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Swordbreaker in action – Battle

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About the game Swordbreaker in Action

Adventurer took a paper bundle out of his coat. It was the very same map that the man in the tavern gave him. That map depicted a castle and marked a path to the treasury hidden behind its walls. They say this treasury contains lots of jewelry and gold, but the most valuable of them is one diamond. They say this is the biggest diamond in Dorgan, and maybe even in the whole world! Someone even said that you can buy a small castle for this precious stone, and live happily ever after until the end of your days for the rest of the money. All these talks and tales let our hero to the mysterious castle. Do you want to know who is this adventurer? His name is Swordbreaker!

The game will tell you about the Swordbreaker’s blood-drenched enigmatic adventures in a mysterious castle. Our hero has to go through many trials before he possibly could find what has led him to the castle — treasures!

Swordbreaker in Action (working title) is a remake of the original Swordbreaker the Game. It is full 3D action-adventure with RPG elements. The action is based on the previous game plot, but the main focus now is on fighting hordes of enemies, exploring the locations, and solving puzzles.

Game features:
Dynamic battles behind the walls of an ancient castle.
• Many different locations, both inside and outside the castle.
• Character progression system.
• Different kinds of weapons, armor and magic.
• Dynamic change of music depending on the hero’s karma.

Engine: Unity3D.
Real screenshots)

Sworbdreaker in Action (1) Sworbdreaker in Action (2) Sworbdreaker in Action (3)

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Our new project – Swordbreaker in Action!

Hi, everybody!
Demonstration mini-display of the game Swordbreaker in Action. A game in a genre an action platformer with the RPG elements in Swordbreaker Universe. It is the alternative version of an original game based on base of a plot about Swordbreaker adventures in the mysterious castle.
On video are shown:
– stock
– two spells
– small fight with opponents
– effects of blood and dust
– change of armor and weapon
– opening of a chest and selection of objects
– dynamic change of music depending on a karma (in this case the karma was replaced with neutral with the Murderer – the karma point was added to a branch there).
Demonstration very short so far. Still a lot of all works not absolutely correctly, but it will recover in the future)))

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